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Our product solutions have expanded beyond roofs. We work with companies and products that keep water out of the entire building envelope. Each of the companies and products we represent are committed to the sustainability of our buildings; making them last longer, reducing life cycle costs and increasing energy efficiency.

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Who We Are

The Environmental Construction Collaborative is a collection of professional firms and sales professionals who are committed to high performance, environmentally responsible products and systems for roofing and building construction. Our partners provide the experience and product knowledge needed to assist the building owner, architect, consultant and contractor make informed choices regarding the products they use in construction. We share these core beliefs:

  • Longevity is one of the primary keys to sustainability.
  • You do not have to sacrifice performance to be environmentally responsible.
  • The fundamentals of quality construction practices and product selection must still be followed to build greener buildings.
  • Just because a product says it is "green" does not guarantee performance or sustainability.

The partner firms of the Environmental Construction Collaborative are dedicated to the sustainability of our buildings; making them last longer, reducing life cycle costs and increasing energy efficiency. We represent products, companies and comprehensive solutions that deliver long term results in an environmentally responsible way. Behind the years of experience, the technical expertise and the know how to identify problems, our members practice this key principle, "We are what we repeatedly do; excellence then is not an act, but a habit".

What We Do

  • Act as a resource to help solve building envelope moisture problems;
  • Assist in design development of building envelope renovation and/or construction;
  • Help investigate conditions and identify problems in existing buildings;
  • Provide technical information and research data to evaluate products;
  • Facilitate the development of long range roof management programs and annual budgeting;
  • Help commercial building owners and tenants plan and implement energy efficiency upgrade that maximize ROI and impact of Federal and State Energy Tax Incentives;
  • Help commercial building owners obtain tax credits for building energy reductions;
  • Act as a bridge between facilities management, energy departments and accounting/tax departments;
  • In partnership with Engineered Tax Services, Inc., we offer a comprehensive tax package to comply with federal tax filing requirements.